Followers, blogs etc…

I’m really getting into this blogging lark now, linking up with other bloggers and websites. After reading some of them out there on the www I realise I need to up the ante on my blog, not an easy task for me!!

The problem is by the time S goes to bed, I settle for the night in my comfy spot and it’s as peaceful as it’s going to be with 3 dogs, one 12 year old and two teenagers, I sit down to write, click on New Post and my mind goes blank! I put my Ipod on for inspiration then find myself miming along to Deacon Blue, The Buzzcocks (ask your Mum if you’ve never heard of them!)  The Script, Eminem or some other random songs I have on there. In between songs I hear the Eastenders theme tune so I’m peering over the laptop having a sly watch, I’m fascinated with Janine Butcher, hate her character but can’t stop watching her!

Anyway, where was I? Ah thats right, my mind going blank! (Slight pause while I mime along to Dead Or Alive, too easily distracted!) So this upping the stakes/mind going blank, I know what I need to do, I’ll have to start posting more personal/family posts so to give you a taster as to what we’re like as a family, here goes……

My darling daughter K went to the fair with her boyfriend yesterday and very kindly took along Little L (Little L is 12 and Big L is 18, not a wise move naming them with same initials was it!). Whilst there, they won two goldfish and bought a bowl for Ronnie and Miley to live in. K didn’t think I’d be to happy but it set mine and unbeknown to me, hubby’s mind in motion. Before I knew it we were both frantically searching the web for fish tanks, tropical fish etc etc.

Come morning we have a chat and decide to go and have a look at the fish in the local pet shop so off we go fish browsing. Less than 24 hours after Ronnie and Miley came to live with us we’ve picked our tank, paid for it (on hubby’s card you’ll be pleased to know) but now we have to wait for Saturday until we can get some fish as the tank needs to be settled etc before the fish can go in there.

So what does that tell you, we’re rather hasty people, not always thinking about what we’re doing but whatever we do is always done with plenty of love. We already have names for our fish, Bobby, Nemo, Squishy, depending on how many we get!

So I promise to post more, wether it’ll be of interest to you is another thing, I hope so!

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