My new Kindle!!!!

Somebody has very kindly bought me a Kindle!!! I won’t be revealing my source though as he/she wants it kept secret for various reasons but a big huge thank you, you know who you are. It arrived on Thursday, here’s my opinion of it……

I love it. I have a cover for mine so it opens up like a book and I still have to move my hand to turn the page so it’s surprising how much like a book it is. The screen is fabulous, it’s like reading from a newspaper and you can change the size of the text to suit you. There’s also a handy % line at the bottom to see how far along in the book you are, some books even have the page numbers but I haven’t worked that bit out yet, I think it’s only for certain or newly released books though.

I’ve paid £3.57 for The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks, more or less the same as in Asda but it’s £3.97 for the paperback version. Some ebooks cost more than the paperback version though so always check before you buy. I have one or two free books on there but the amount of book that you can get for under £2 is amazing. Other books I have bought have cost me 71p 86p or 49p, bargain!!

A little bit of advice, pick a very easy read or even a book you have read before for your first read. The book I’m reading at the moment is about cells taken from a cancer patient just before she dies from the illness. It does take a bit of concentration as the book tells about cell culture in the 1950’s, the book’s time frame is from (I think) 1930’s- 1990’s. I’m reading the book and then I suddenly wonder if I can get onto Twitter so I stop reading and I’m busy doing that. I start reading again but then I wonder if I can get on Facebook so bang goes the concentration/reading aspect!! All that will stop though as it’s easier to check the web from the laptop rather than the Kindle. I’m not going to review this book as it wouldn’t be fair as I’ve been so distracted by the Kindle.

Overall my opinion is buy one, when I’m reading it and I’m not too busy being distracted then it doesn’t make a difference wether it’s a book or a device as the story just takes you away. I shall still be reading paper books but only because of my huge tbr pile so I’ll be reading one ebook then 2 paper books. Not sure if I’ll buy any paper books after that, unless it’s something I really want and it’s cheaper to buy in tree form.

I led in bed in my underwear the other night and bought a book, I had the option of reading it 20 seconds after purchase. Why did I do this? Just because I could Smile


Followers, blogs etc…

I’m really getting into this blogging lark now, linking up with other bloggers and websites. After reading some of them out there on the www I realise I need to up the ante on my blog, not an easy task for me!!

The problem is by the time S goes to bed, I settle for the night in my comfy spot and it’s as peaceful as it’s going to be with 3 dogs, one 12 year old and two teenagers, I sit down to write, click on New Post and my mind goes blank! I put my Ipod on for inspiration then find myself miming along to Deacon Blue, The Buzzcocks (ask your Mum if you’ve never heard of them!)  The Script, Eminem or some other random songs I have on there. In between songs I hear the Eastenders theme tune so I’m peering over the laptop having a sly watch, I’m fascinated with Janine Butcher, hate her character but can’t stop watching her!

Anyway, where was I? Ah thats right, my mind going blank! (Slight pause while I mime along to Dead Or Alive, too easily distracted!) So this upping the stakes/mind going blank, I know what I need to do, I’ll have to start posting more personal/family posts so to give you a taster as to what we’re like as a family, here goes……

My darling daughter K went to the fair with her boyfriend yesterday and very kindly took along Little L (Little L is 12 and Big L is 18, not a wise move naming them with same initials was it!). Whilst there, they won two goldfish and bought a bowl for Ronnie and Miley to live in. K didn’t think I’d be to happy but it set mine and unbeknown to me, hubby’s mind in motion. Before I knew it we were both frantically searching the web for fish tanks, tropical fish etc etc.

Come morning we have a chat and decide to go and have a look at the fish in the local pet shop so off we go fish browsing. Less than 24 hours after Ronnie and Miley came to live with us we’ve picked our tank, paid for it (on hubby’s card you’ll be pleased to know) but now we have to wait for Saturday until we can get some fish as the tank needs to be settled etc before the fish can go in there.

So what does that tell you, we’re rather hasty people, not always thinking about what we’re doing but whatever we do is always done with plenty of love. We already have names for our fish, Bobby, Nemo, Squishy, depending on how many we get!

So I promise to post more, wether it’ll be of interest to you is another thing, I hope so!

Books Bought Today

This morning the postman brought me Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter, the first in the Grant County series. I read them in 2005/6 and loved them. Then though I was a huge RISI’er (readitswapit) and ended up swapping them which I now regret as there’s certain books that are (now) keepers for me. So I’ve bought the first in the series and intend to get the rest over the next few weeks.

This afternoon, me, K and K’s boyfriend went pram shopping (for S, not her!!) in Asda Living and we obviously ended up looking at/buying some books. Don’t you just love pram shopping lol. K bought, when I say K bought, I mean I paid and she had! Anyway, K had Tess Gerritsen – Never Say Die and Dean Koontz – The Taking for £1 plus she had Karen Rose – Have You Seen Her. I bought Philippa Gregory’s The Virgin Lover for £1 and I also had Room by Emma Donoghue. I’ve been reading a lot about this lately with it being one of the books on the TV Book Club and have heard some excellent things about it so I’m looking forward to reading this one.

I have a huge ‘tbr’ pile, although not as large as some people! I haven’t read the books I had for my birthday in June last year yet!! I am getting through them slowly but as I read one, I’m buying two to replace it! I had 17 books for christmas as well. I’m determined to read the birthday/christmas books first, in between oldest ds putting his read books on my tbr pile, it’s never ending! So my dilemma is, do I put my new books on the top of the tbr pile or at the end of the birthday/christmas books? Decisions, decisions, decisions……

New Year

So 2010 is nearly at an end and this is just a little reflection on the year gone by, so what has it brought. Well firstly it brought my darling baby son, now 8 months old, nearly crawling and getting ready to turn me grey over the next couple of years!!

He is the reason that my book count this year has been so low, 35 this year compared to 64 in 2009 and 2008, in 2007 the count was 74. I’m determined to change that this year so Im going to give myself a 50 book challenge. Will I manage it? Well I do hope so, I’d like to do a 75 or even a 100 book challenge but with 3 kids, a baby and 3 dogs to look after then I think that’ll be impossible.

So what did reading bring me in 2010, it started off with the christmas books, the usual selection from the kids, chick lit, books about poor abandoned dogs, I seem to have read quite a few vampire based books early in the year, then comes the usual list of crime, celeb biogs and comedies. A good year all in all.

As I’ve only read 35 books then I can only pick a top 3 reads for 2010 and they are (in no particular order)….

1. Living With Evil – Cynthia Owen   I’ve read a lot of abuse stories over the years and none had touched or shocked me as much as this one. It truly was horrific and Cynthia if ever you should read this, the admiration I feel for you is immense and I wish you well for the future.

2. Sh*t My Dad Says – Justin Halpern  This book was hysterical and unfortunately I could see me saying most of the things ‘Dad’ says, without the swearing of course!!

3. The Forgotten Garden – Kate Morton  This book was wonderful, it weaved back and fore in time which confused some people but not me, can’t wait to read more of Morton’s works.

There are a few others I would have liked to have included here but I could only give myself a top 3. Here’s to a better year in 2011 !!

Anyway, I hope you have a great 2011, I hope it brings you health, wealth and happiness.

Happy reading x

Chick Lit

I’ve always loved reading chick lit, I find there’s something satisfying about it, like meeting up with a friend for a cuppa and a natter. I’ve read chick lit for most of my reading years,  in fact it dominated the early years but now I tend to stick to old favourites like Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella and Sinead Moriarty. The plot tends to be the same, girl meets boy, they fall in love, they fall out (normally over somebody else), they make up and live happily ever after. While not the most exciting, edge of your seat stuff to read about, it’s still comforting.

I do think authors have sat up  and listened to the great reading public now and are differing their books, involving family things, children etc which can only make chick lit better. I’ve read some fabulous chick lit stories over the last couple of years where children play a main point in the story and I’ve loved it.

Another thing I love about chick  lit is the book covers, there’s something about them that excites me (sad I know!), I love the colour of the covers, they’re normally pink or pastel shades and the design is normally cartoony type pictures. Lately I’ve seen chick lit books using real life photographs and I’m really not fussy on them.

I love looking at my bookcase with all the pretty covers on there, it has to be the girly in me!!

Historical Fiction

I’m discovering a passion for historical fiction. I have enjoyed one or two of Philippa Gregory’s books in the last year or two and I’m currently reading Claire Letemendia’s The Best Of Men and enjoying every second of it. It’s leaving me with a desire to read more of this genre and I’m not sure how I haven’t discovered it before in my years of reading.

The Best Of Men delves into civil war in the 1600’s (a review will be coming up as soon as I’ve finished reading it!!). It’s not really the war or government/parliament I enjoy about these books but I just adore reading about the social or domestic situations that people centuries ago had to live through. For instance, many moons ago a pregnant woman would be confined to her darkened bedroom for a month before the birth of her baby. Can you imagine that happening today? I have a 6 month old baby and while I was pregnant on him I would have enjoyed a nice 8 hour stretch in a darkened room (at night) towards the end of my pregnancy but I was in and out of bed with back ache/needing the loo/heartburn every 2 hours!!

I’m deflecting from the original idea of this post now. My recent discovery of my love for historical fiction. I don’t know the difference between the different periods in history, the Stuarts, the Edwardians or the Tudor period, I know they happened but don’t know when or in what chronological order, something I need to learn about I think.The difference in the language amazes me too, these days we have breakfast but then you had to break your fast. It really has changed a lot over the years.

I also think about the clothes and what houses were like in these different era’s. I wonder what people would think in bygone era’s of us watching our 50″ plasma screen tv’s with fridges full of food and drink. I know it’s just a sign of the times but can you imagine living without a toilet or having to wear the same clothes for weeks on end?

No, neither can I…….