About Me

38 year old stay at home mum from South Wales. I have 4 children and 3 crazy dogs (2 Shih Tzu’s and a Jack Russell), 22  fish and a hamster!

I started reading from a young age, I loved nothing more than getting into an adventure with The Famous Five or wanting to be Amelia Jane’s best friend. Throughout my teen years I dipped in and out of reading. I started reading properly again in my early twenties. I just love losing myself in the story and often find myself loving or disliking characters and being in the places the books are set. If I dislike a book, I still carry on reading it as I don’t like to give  up on a book unless it’s dire. I’ve only given up on about 3 books since I started reading again.

I read all different genres, chick lit, crime, thrillers, I think I’d get bored reading one kind. I don’t have a favourite genre but I’m not fussy on Sci-Fi. I tend to read mainstream authors but want to change to the more unknown authors out there. I do like to read Martina Cole, Karin Slaughter, Jodi Picoult, Sophie Kinsella and Stephen King among others. I also read and enjoy True Life stories.

My blog is far from the best blog out on the www, it won’t contain book news, author interviews or giveaways for now, it’ll just be my reviews and ramblings. I’m doing this blog as quite often (99% of the time) I hear of a book that someone is reading, know I’ve read it and can’t remember a thing about it! I need a (b)log of the books I read so here it is.

A little more about me, I love Wispa’s, reclining on my sofa with my pyjama’s on, reading in bed while it’s wet and windy out, winter, the smell of laundry, eating out, going for walks but most of all I love my children, they are my world, my everything and my reason for breathing. I dislike hot days, liars, mushrooms, spiders, arrogant people and housework!

Feel free to comment on my blog, all comments are welcome good or bad.

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