Out Of The Shadows – Susan Lewis

What would you sacrifice for love?

Susannah is married to Duncan, who is becoming known as a hot shot producer. Susannah is going to be starring in her first tv programme when she falls pregnant with Neve. Duncan develops a drug habit which spirals out of control and leads to the death of a young man for which Duncan spends 13 years in prison.

Left to bring up 13 year old Neve alone, Susannah is working all hours just too keep their heads above water but she’s sinking fast. Things have gotten so bad, she works the back room doing topless waitressing at the club where she normally works the front desk, she’s totally disgusted with herself and depressed by the situation she’s in.

That is until Neve does some meddling, she gets in contact with Susannah’s old boyfriend Alan Cunningham through a social website, unsure if she’s done right or wrong, she tells her Mums best friend Patsy who thinks it’s a great idea. They tell Susannah what they’ve done and she agrees to meet Alan. Things go really well and their relationship develops, the girls move in with Alan and she’s able to give up her job, especially when she get’s offered the lead role in a brand new soap opera. Life is going really well, isn’t it…..?

As I started this book, for some reason I was drawing comparisons with Martina Cole type stories which was very unfair and not sure why I did in the first place and it’s for this reason I’m undecided about this book. While it wasn’t the best I’ve read, it wasn’t the worst either. There seemed to be no sparkle with this book, it trickled rather than poured. The characters were just as you would accept them to be, nothing outstanding about the main characters. I liked Lola, Susannah’s aunty, the best. They were definately believable but lacked depth.

Told in the third person narrative, the story was typical, there was nothing spectacular there, it seemed to lack emotion even though the story is meant to be emotional.

I feel I’m being unfair to the book as not once did I want to stop reading, I suppose it didn’t just do it for me, unfortunately. I would read another by this author, it hasn’t put me off.

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