My new Kindle!!!!

Somebody has very kindly bought me a Kindle!!! I won’t be revealing my source though as he/she wants it kept secret for various reasons but a big huge thank you, you know who you are. It arrived on Thursday, here’s my opinion of it……

I love it. I have a cover for mine so it opens up like a book and I still have to move my hand to turn the page so it’s surprising how much like a book it is. The screen is fabulous, it’s like reading from a newspaper and you can change the size of the text to suit you. There’s also a handy % line at the bottom to see how far along in the book you are, some books even have the page numbers but I haven’t worked that bit out yet, I think it’s only for certain or newly released books though.

I’ve paid £3.57 for The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks, more or less the same as in Asda but it’s £3.97 for the paperback version. Some ebooks cost more than the paperback version though so always check before you buy. I have one or two free books on there but the amount of book that you can get for under £2 is amazing. Other books I have bought have cost me 71p 86p or 49p, bargain!!

A little bit of advice, pick a very easy read or even a book you have read before for your first read. The book I’m reading at the moment is about cells taken from a cancer patient just before she dies from the illness. It does take a bit of concentration as the book tells about cell culture in the 1950’s, the book’s time frame is from (I think) 1930’s- 1990’s. I’m reading the book and then I suddenly wonder if I can get onto Twitter so I stop reading and I’m busy doing that. I start reading again but then I wonder if I can get on Facebook so bang goes the concentration/reading aspect!! All that will stop though as it’s easier to check the web from the laptop rather than the Kindle. I’m not going to review this book as it wouldn’t be fair as I’ve been so distracted by the Kindle.

Overall my opinion is buy one, when I’m reading it and I’m not too busy being distracted then it doesn’t make a difference wether it’s a book or a device as the story just takes you away. I shall still be reading paper books but only because of my huge tbr pile so I’ll be reading one ebook then 2 paper books. Not sure if I’ll buy any paper books after that, unless it’s something I really want and it’s cheaper to buy in tree form.

I led in bed in my underwear the other night and bought a book, I had the option of reading it 20 seconds after purchase. Why did I do this? Just because I could Smile


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  1. Nikki
    Mar 06, 2011 @ 20:56:30

    I absolutely love my Kindle – I understand people’s arguments for not wanting one, but mine is pretty much glued to my hands. I just can’t put it down. I’ve read so much more since I bought it than when I read paperbacks. I think it’s the ease of buying your next read – I’ll have downloaded my next book minutes after finishing one in some cases. It’s brilliant!


  2. bookfreak72
    Mar 06, 2011 @ 22:11:04

    It’s a shame you can’t try before you buy as I think it would sell a lot more. That may change now it’s being sold on the High Street. I’ve probably read less but only because I’ve had to play around with it and in all fairness I’ve only had it 4 days!!


  3. carol
    Mar 08, 2011 @ 14:56:27

    I am still holding off getting an ereader.
    I do want one eventually but do love to still hold books and see them on my shelf.
    I just want to see the readers improve a little before I buy.

    I have an award for you here



  4. bookfreak72
    Mar 09, 2011 @ 11:54:07

    I love mine, now I’ve finished my first read I wouldn’t be without it. I still have a huge tbr paperback pile so won’t be giving books up………yet 🙂

    Thanks for the award, I’ll have a proper look later xx


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