Life & Laughing – Michael McIntyre

This is McIntyre’s book, chronicling his life and career so far. From growing up in Hampstead, his time in university to how his career started.,meeting his wife Kitty and the birth of his first child.

This book was ok, just ok. There were plenty of laugh out loud moments which was the saving grace in this book. His story isn’t wildly exciting, especially his career, he charts his rise from working the Jongleur clubs to finally making it at the Royal Variety Perfomance. The same story could be said about anybody, rising their way from office runner to office management, McIntyre has the added bonus of being able to tell a story comically though.

To me he has such stage presence, he’s very flambouyant and likes to tell his story grandly. It didn’t work in writing though. If he was on stage telling his story then it would have worked. I could see him in my mind, in his expressive manner, proudly doing his gig and it would have come across a lot better than the written word.

I’m not sure what it is lately with celeb biog’s/auto biog’s, it seems like if they have a career of some sort for a few years then it gives them the ok to write ‘their story’ with part 2 following on a year later and part 3 two years later. What happened to the days when ‘celebs’ would not start writing their stories until they were in their fifties? Now it seems there’s so many brought out, in as few years as possible! I think I’m done with Biographies for a while.

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  1. Yvonne
    Feb 11, 2011 @ 23:07:34

    Hi there,

    Thanks for following me on ‘twitter’, it’s always great to talk with new people and get the chance to check out some great new blogs.

    I am not a fan of ‘celebrity’, whatever that is, so consequently I read very few biographies/autobiographies.

    They are churned out at a great rate of knots, often by people so young, that their life story so far can’t possibly have much substance.

    Michael Mcintyre doesn’t sound as if he has a lot going for his book, although as a comedian I can relate totally to his humour. We have seen him live, on a couple of occasions and have had a great evening both times, although it was a little uncomfortable when relatives bought us front row seats and of course the inevitable happened, we were picked on all night!!! Especially when they then purchased their own seats several rows back, just so that they could watch us squirm!!


    • bookfreak72
      Feb 12, 2011 @ 09:40:01

      Thank you for commenting on my blog 🙂

      Lucky you going to see him live, I would love to see him, I think he’s perfect on stage. A cousin of mine appeared on his Comedy Roadshow series.

      I agree with you on ‘celeb’ books though, they are churned out and most are handily released Nov/Dec just in time for christmas!!

      I have Jo Brand on top of my ‘tbr’, I’m not sure wether to read it yet or have a good break from biog’s, at least with her being a little older (sorry Jo if you read this!) and having a career as a psychiatrict (sp) nurse then she does have some funny tales to tell.

      I hope MM wasn’t too harsh on you 🙂


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