Books Bought Today

This morning the postman brought me Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter, the first in the Grant County series. I read them in 2005/6 and loved them. Then though I was a huge RISI’er (readitswapit) and ended up swapping them which I now regret as there’s certain books that are (now) keepers for me. So I’ve bought the first in the series and intend to get the rest over the next few weeks.

This afternoon, me, K and K’s boyfriend went pram shopping (for S, not her!!) in Asda Living and we obviously ended up looking at/buying some books. Don’t you just love pram shopping lol. K bought, when I say K bought, I mean I paid and she had! Anyway, K had Tess Gerritsen – Never Say Die and Dean Koontz – The Taking for £1 plus she had Karen Rose – Have You Seen Her. I bought Philippa Gregory’s The Virgin Lover for £1 and I also had Room by Emma Donoghue. I’ve been reading a lot about this lately with it being one of the books on the TV Book Club and have heard some excellent things about it so I’m looking forward to reading this one.

I have a huge ‘tbr’ pile, although not as large as some people! I haven’t read the books I had for my birthday in June last year yet!! I am getting through them slowly but as I read one, I’m buying two to replace it! I had 17 books for christmas as well. I’m determined to read the birthday/christmas books first, in between oldest ds putting his read books on my tbr pile, it’s never ending! So my dilemma is, do I put my new books on the top of the tbr pile or at the end of the birthday/christmas books? Decisions, decisions, decisions……

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