Chick Lit

I’ve always loved reading chick lit, I find there’s something satisfying about it, like meeting up with a friend for a cuppa and a natter. I’ve read chick lit for most of my reading years,  in fact it dominated the early years but now I tend to stick to old favourites like Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella and Sinead Moriarty. The plot tends to be the same, girl meets boy, they fall in love, they fall out (normally over somebody else), they make up and live happily ever after. While not the most exciting, edge of your seat stuff to read about, it’s still comforting.

I do think authors have sat up  and listened to the great reading public now and are differing their books, involving family things, children etc which can only make chick lit better. I’ve read some fabulous chick lit stories over the last couple of years where children play a main point in the story and I’ve loved it.

Another thing I love about chick  lit is the book covers, there’s something about them that excites me (sad I know!), I love the colour of the covers, they’re normally pink or pastel shades and the design is normally cartoony type pictures. Lately I’ve seen chick lit books using real life photographs and I’m really not fussy on them.

I love looking at my bookcase with all the pretty covers on there, it has to be the girly in me!!

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