Historical Fiction

I’m discovering a passion for historical fiction. I have enjoyed one or two of Philippa Gregory’s books in the last year or two and I’m currently reading Claire Letemendia’s The Best Of Men and enjoying every second of it. It’s leaving me with a desire to read more of this genre and I’m not sure how I haven’t discovered it before in my years of reading.

The Best Of Men delves into civil war in the 1600’s (a review will be coming up as soon as I’ve finished reading it!!). It’s not really the war or government/parliament I enjoy about these books but I just adore reading about the social or domestic situations that people centuries ago had to live through. For instance, many moons ago a pregnant woman would be confined to her darkened bedroom for a month before the birth of her baby. Can you imagine that happening today? I have a 6 month old baby and while I was pregnant on him I would have enjoyed a nice 8 hour stretch in a darkened room (at night) towards the end of my pregnancy but I was in and out of bed with back ache/needing the loo/heartburn every 2 hours!!

I’m deflecting from the original idea of this post now. My recent discovery of my love for historical fiction. I don’t know the difference between the different periods in history, the Stuarts, the Edwardians or the Tudor period, I know they happened but don’t know when or in what chronological order, something I need to learn about I think.The difference in the language amazes me too, these days we have breakfast but then you had to break your fast. It really has changed a lot over the years.

I also think about the clothes and what houses were like in these different era’s. I wonder what people would think in bygone era’s of us watching our 50″ plasma screen tv’s with fridges full of food and drink. I know it’s just a sign of the times but can you imagine living without a toilet or having to wear the same clothes for weeks on end?

No, neither can I…….

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